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Alfredo Correa, Chief Marketing Director

With 20 years experience as a visual arts sales and marketing executive, Alfredo Correa brings a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility to everything he does. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alfredo worked in almost every art form imaginable. He ran a set painting & graphic arts business, worked as a creative director in advertising, painted floats for the famous Rio Carnival parades, took up acting with a theater group in Rio, "Captains of Sand," and later managed the studio of fashion photographer Jean-Claude Maillard in New York City.

In 2001, Alfredo married Barbara Boydston, a Wall Street Journal reporter who moved to Rio to follow the love of her life. The couple relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, and, after the birth of twin daughters in 2004, Alfredo went to work in the DVD film distribution industry. As an international sales executive, Alfredo traveled extensively to film markets all over the world, including the Cannes Film Festival, Berlin, Hong Kong, Toronto Film Festival, MIPTV, and others, acquiring and developing an expertise in the film distribution business.

Alfredo is excited about applying his pitching, sales and marketing skills to the wine industry and to VinDuVin, specifically. As an avid consumer of wine himself, Alfredo is looking forward to bringing new investment and public recognition to this innovative venture.



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