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Vin du Vin celebrates the joy of discovering wines. The mission of Vin du Vin is to bring wine lovers and wineries together in a way that no single company has ever done before.

If you love wine, you appreciate the joys of finding that elusive yet amazing vintage or encountering that breathtaking vineyard with a cozy inn. But for years, wine lovers have unsuccessfully sought resources that would let them know what’s really available in a given region.

The concept of Vin du Vin sprang from John Kesoglou’s (CEO) increasing frustration as he sought to discover more about wine. In 1997, John became infatuated, almost obsessed, with learning more about wine.

As he visited various Napa wineries, he scoured the Internet and print publications for a comprehensive source that would identify the locations of all wineries in the area. He found that none existed. No single, global publication catalogued all wineries and made them accessible to wine lovers.

The result is Vin du Vin, where all wineries are welcome to share their offerings with wine lovers worldwide. At Vin du Vin, our goal is to celebrate wine, and everyone is welcome to join the celebration.


Who is Vinduvin?

John Kesoglou - Founder

Thomas Kesoglou - Chief Legal Officer

Alfredo Correa - Cheif Marketing Director




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