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John Peter Kesoglou Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kesoglou’s long love affair with wine began at his grandfather’s vineyard in Greece. Vin du Vin is his first business venture, and first experience working on the merchant side of wine. The idea for the Company came to Mr. Kesoglou while he was wine-tasting at boutique vineyards along coastal California. He was frustrated with the inconsistency and inaccuracy of winery maps and guides--particularly their hesitancy to include any wineries beside those with huge marketing budgets. Mr. Kesoglou realized the wine community needed a comprehensive indexing of wineries big and small throughout all the wine regions of the world.

John Kesoglou has more than fifteen years’ experience in the food and beverage industry. He has eighteen years of computer technology experience with certifications from Microsoft and Cisco systems.. Mr. Kesoglou brings commitment and innovation to the Company, and the passion to see those commitments through. His technological skills, along with his intense desire to share his knowledge of wine, will propel Vin du Vin to prosperity and profitability.




For the last ten years, Mr. Kesoglou has traveled all over the world, tasting and learning. When he was not drinking wine, he was reading about it. Mr. Kesoglou has spoken with the owners of hundreds of wineries, finding out all he could about the soil, the grape, the technique, the storage and aging process. He has absorbed nearly everything there is to know about wine.


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