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Wine Tasting | History Of Wine | Fruit Of The Vine
Simply put, wine tasting is an art. As with most other arts, the basics are easy to learn, and, again like most other arts, catching on to the particulars of tasting wine lends much to the pleasure derived from it. Ideally, a wine should have perfect balance, meaning that the fruit, acid, and wood flavors are all in proportion. Before tasting, it is strongly recommended that one avoid any strong food such as anchovies, vinegar, hot peppers, and highly....

Wine's origins are largely a mystery. No one really knows when wines were first made, and it is speculated that the creation of the first wines were almost certainly an accident. It is likely that wine was born sometime in prehistory: man's ancestors found grapes growing on wild vines, squashed them to make juice, and, when they tried to keep this juice for a day or two in their simple clay pots, the wild yeasts worked their magic.

Only a few of grape varieties are suited to produce fine quality wines. Even when grown in different appellations and vinified using different techniques, each variety of grapes displays certain qualities inherent in the grape's personality: color, size, skin thickness, acidity, yield per vine and flavors. Each type of grapes must be matched with the adapted microclimate, soil and winemaking techniques in order to bring its full potential